Why coding for kids?

Online Coding for kids is the collection of opportunities available for children to get involved in coding. These opportunities aim to be fun and gamified to keep the young mind engaged.

And while it is difficult to imagine a young brain learning something seemingly complex, coding for kids is reality.

Start with the why, outline the benefits, define key terms, study examples, choose a language, and get started!

Wait. What is coding, simply? Coding is how we communicate with computers, and what we use to build and run websites, apps, games, and more.

How to get your child to code?

It’s an answer that can go a million different directions.

So, let’s start by focusing on moving one direction—forward. It doesn’t have to be a giant leap. In fact, per the above, it should really only be a small step for now.

The important thing is that with each move, your child experiences progress.

With that, we are going to navigate this twisty-turny coding landscape through the various topics:

  • Why kids should learn coding
  • Coding apps
  • Coding courses
  • Programming for kids
  • How to realistically start a learning journey
  • Coding resources
  • Learn to code