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Online Coding and Robotics Classes
Online Coding and Robotics Classes
Online Coding and Robotics Classes

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Why Coding, Robotics and AI ?

“Essential skills for 21st century are very different than what taught in school. Next Generation can not be a bystander while technology is overtaking the world. Choice is  simple, learn the new ways to deal or just become irrelevant” 

At Yolabs, our singular mission? To equip you for a future that waits for no one. No detours, no half measures. Only unwavering dedication to preparing you for the world of tomorrow.”

Learn with DOZO

 – Robots are the Future. Develop your coding and building skills with one of the most advanced humanoid ROBOT –“DOZO”

Unmatched Options

Our Learning -Verticals

  • 28+ Platforms to choose
  • Google Certified Educators
  • Customised Learning Track 
  • Python,  Web App, Mobile app
  • 2D-3D Games , Roblox, Unity, AI, VR
  • Program “Drone, RC-Cars”
  • Study tracks for beginners to pros

On-Line Classes

Beat The Traffic
$ 18 per Class
  • 2 Class/wk
  • Individual Problem Session
  • Access to all content
  • Delivery  of DIY kit within 24 hrs
  • Pre-subscribedRobotics/IOTKit
  • Live Building and Coding Sessions
  • Drone, RC-Car, War-Tanks, Humanoid
  • Individual Problem Sessions
  • 3D Design, 3D print 
  • Mentoring for Robo Competitions


$ 24 per Class
  • 2 Class/wk
  • yo Boxes/Month
  • Free 3D-Prints
  • Learn in Teams @ nearest Yo-Club
  • Access to World-Class Maker-Space
  • Combat robotics
  • Raspberry pi/Ardunio/Microbit
  • Free Mentoring for competition 
  • Self-Driving/auto-shooting
  • Mission planner AI controlled Drones


Code+Build & Compete
$ 29 per Class
  • Unlimited Access 3D Ptinters
  • Build teams & Strategy
  • Compete & Win
Best in Class

Earth's Most Student Centric Education Program

At Yo-Labs, if you did not like a class you never pay for it

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Proud Parents

* Yo-Labs  never ever edit feedbacks/testimonials.

Nitesh Varshney
Nitesh Varshney
Read More
At Yolabs, personal attention given to children. Anvay seems to be interested in problem solving and spending time doing it himself.
Ruchira Chakravarty
Ruchira Chakravarty
Read More
Yolabs is hands on and builds on fundamentals by making Children do things by themselves.
Anand Archak
Anand Archak
Read More
There is a huge change. My kids have improved a lot in logical thinking and robotics.
Coding Classes for Kids from IITians
Fastest Growing Coding / Robotics Platfrom
Learn Coding Through Projects & Personalized Curriculum
Certification From IIT / ISB Alumnus
Start Coding Your First Game /Mobile App Now

Curriculum - Pathway

Popular - Platforms

1. Scratch

Easy 20%
Low 95%
Cool Factor
Cool 80%
Time to Learn
8-12 hrs 50%

2. Raspberry PI

Moderate 50%
Moderate 50%
Cool Factor
Cool 100%
Time to Learn
8-14 hrs 70%

3. LEGO WE DO 2.0

Low 30%
High 80%
Cool Factor
Cool 60%
Time to Learn
8-12 hrs 60%

4. Introduction to Arduino

Hard 70%
Low 30%
Cool Factor
Cool 80%
Time to Learn
10-16 hrs 80%

Our Teaching Resources ...

Club Robotics - Resources

About US

YO LABS is an honest effort to provide a platform to help you learn and create from the best. We strive to offer affordable programs without compromising  the quality of learning.

Yo-Labs is founded by Rahul-Sharma (An IIT & ISB alumni with 10 years experience of designing Robotics, Engines , and automation experience.  Yo-labs is  supported and advised  by industry experts , IIT professors.  Students from premier institutes across the   world contributing to make coding/robotics fun to learn. 

Yo-labs is not limited to lessons, but functions as a social workroom where you come and create your own solutions by using the Yo-labs resources at your disposal.

Yo-labs is a place for collaboration – we let you build your own teams – to create battle-bots, develop your projects and even let them solve world’s problems.

At Yo-labs, our vision is to grow into a world-class Tech center, where nothing stops your imagination and building passion.

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