Up the Garden Path Track

Hello! I’m Anirudd Archak, the captain of the team Yolabs and this is the weekly blog regarding the progress made by our team in the past week.

This week, our primary focus was Up The Garden Path. The goal was to fix the line following code in our robot, create the path for this event and test the robot and get a base time. However, COVID has not been kind to us and there are a lot of COVID cases popping up lately in the area where we live . So our mentor, Rahul sir, gave us a description of all sorts of things we will have to do at our homes and gave us a lot of stuff to carry home to accomplish our individual tasks. We divided the first three tasks amongst ourselves and decided that the DIY Obstacle Course would be made by the combined efforts of all of us. Then, we all made a very rough copy of the track on the floor and tested the robots.

Actually, the robots we made to test this event used Arduino and not Raspberry Pi. We intend to use smaller versions of Pi and Arduinos as slaves during the actual contest while the main control centre is the Raspberry Pi. Initially, when we tested the robots, there were a few hiccups but at the end, we managed to pass the course. Our biggest challenge, however, were the curves. So we modified the code a lot such that the robot steers more to the right and to the left while taking curved turns. Next, we timed the robot and achieved a base time of 20 seconds (which is good)!!!

With the robot working fine, we took some essential things we would need to do our tasks at home, packed our bags and went back home. Even though we may be lagging behind in some of the tasks, we are still going to be great and we will still win this competition!