Robots are the Future

Robots are the future. In fact, they are already such a massive part of our everyday lives, from toys your children play with to new-fangled automated lawn mowers.  

It’s only going to get more common place as we progress through the 21st century.  

Your children will be living in a world which will become far more reliant on robotics and we predict that it’s going to make many facets of their lives easier.  By starting early, robotics can help to get a child interested in the core tech subjects such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  

And for your child’s future? 

Robotics could also have an impact on future jobs, with studies predicting that more than 30% of the jobs will be automated by 2027*. Whilst that might sound like bad news, it’s actually going to generate new and exciting roles that the children of today could be working in. 

By learning more about robotics your child could not only develop a passion that leads onto a career, but also be one of the people who develops the next generation of robots that could change the world for the better.