Don’t wait for the last day. Try and get done before the given deadline.

Let your creativity run free but within the given dimensions.


To get extra reward points, assembly and aesthetics should be clean.

Add your experience at the end of the video about this challenge. Judges would love to know the secret of your fast car.

Video should be taken under bright light to see your fast and flashing car clearly.

Winner will be decided on the basis of design, assembly, aesthetics, time of reach and the vlog. keep this in mind and you are on the right track.

Use Tinker CAD platform to design a Supercar. It’s easy and good for beginners.

Follow quick videos provided by yolabs to assemble supercar and change it according to your requirements. Check Wire connections before and after assembly.

It’s a racing event, fastest and most balanced car will win. Here, weight of the car will also affects the speed.

To quick reach, choose smooth surface.