* Hey, We know you are good at building things. Here we are providing some technical concepts to work your supercar more accurately. 

What is friction and how does friction friction accelerate your car ?

Friction is a resisting force between two contacting surfaces. Without friction, objects would not be able to move from a rest position or stop when in motion. It also helps to stop a vehicle. So, in your super car also friction will be there in between tyres and the ground. if the surface is smooth, super car slips at that position.  On the rough surfaces car will not move fast. so chose the surface in between that.

How Batteries helps to move supercar ?

Batteries are the main energy source in super cars,  which provides required power to the motor to rotate. 5v batteries are sufficient to move your car. 

What is airfoil shape and how to use in your design to speedup your car?

Airfoil is a shape which helps to speed up moving things. you can see in cars , airplanes and bullet trains etc., There you can observe the front shapes are in airfoil shape to avoid air opposing force. While designing, remember and use this shape in your car.