Why Yo-Labs

While there are many programs and summer camps to introduce kids to the exciting world of Robotics, most of them have shortcomings, stemmed from current education systems. We have designed the whole concept of Yo-Labs, considering only one goal in mind – Unlock the ability to build real stuff.


• We do not lock any student to any program. They are free to switch or quit any program at any moment of time. This forces us to create engaging programs while ensuring no kid is forced taught.

• No Age Criteria – We do not limit students learning ability based on age. If anyone wants to build cool things for us Age 5 or 55 doesn’t make a difference. We ensure if necessary they gather the pre-requisite knowledge to create the desired stuff.

• Earn and Learn – we believe that the ability to earn early shapes the personality in a very different way. Hence we offer all our member to add values in their capacity and earn. Again we never ask your age only the ability and willingness to do.

• No compromise with the best – While we are not brand conscious we never ever reject or select any solution because of price. If any solution is costly we build innovative sharing models to make them affordable.

• Talk to Experts – We intend to invite industry and academic experts to facilitate cross-learning with emphasis on the ability to create.