Hi Guys it’s Kunal, Here we uploaded tiny glimpse of our team (Tiny Wonders). We, the team

1. Kunal – The cool Captain of Tiny Wonders (lazy also sometimes) 😎

2. Chirag – Crazy Coder 😉 ➕ 👩‍💻 

.3. Anvay – Pro Artist 🎨 and MIT app Inventor Expert+Javascript+HTML+CSS  (Yes – he Insist to mention all)🤪

4. Akshat – Great Builder 🤖 ( not the buildings ❌🏢 —–> 😂



Team- Tiny Wonder

Smabey -The Wonder Bot

Smabey - The Tiny Robot

We named our Robot to “SMABEY”.  

The Intro.  –  We are participating first time in Pi Wars, for preparing for this competition. we learned a lot in Robotics like Raspberry pi, Motor Drives, Python Coding, MIT app inventor and some cool mechanisms etc.

We named Smabey to our robot because it should replicates small baby 👼.   Our team planned to use tiny components in Smabey like tiny motors , tiny motor driver, tiny wheels…….(no we didnt we just thought smabey was cool).



Building App for Controlling our Robot :

This week we mainly worked on making an app to control our car by in MIT App Inventor. In this app we inserted buttons to move our vehicle in all directions and under the buttons we added our Smaby logo also. Anvay, Came up with this crazy logo. and we made designs of our car in TinkerCAD. See you next week.

Design of Obstacle Course challenge :

We made our DIY obstacle course design last week. And we named all stages of Obstacle course.

1. Bumpy Ride        2. Human Zone      3. Fishy Fish         4. Damp Gravel        5. AA Dodger        6. Rocky Field

Chirag is working on building of this obstacle course challenge stages using whatever objects available in this pandemic. Yes lockdown left us with limited option but with lots of creativity 😎.

This is an overview of our Obstacle Course. Obstacle Course is our favourite challenge in Pi Wars because here we can add some crazy stages and move the vehicle like a monster 👻.   In Smabey we gonna changing tiny wheels to Monster  ballon wheels (taken from a junk RC Car) to cross bumpy and rocky road Easily.

We have no option to buy  Balloon wheels in current situation as everything is locked-down that’s why we removed Wheels from my RC Car 😥. After DIY Obstacle course challenge is completed again somehow I fixed it with the help of Chirag (I am most happiest guy on Earth at that moment – My RC Car is working properly). 

Top View of Obstacle Course Challenge Track :

Chirag, Designed this challenge overview in TinkerCad. Now we need to make this all the stages physically. Wherever Ramps are their we are going to use wood because it’s easily available here and for obstacles we collected toys 🧸  from our cousin ( if something happens to these toys  he will definitely kill us 😂🤣 – so be cautious ⚠  whenever using cousin toys  ) to add in different stages. 

we started to finish the obstacle course challenge but whenever our smabey ( Robot  Vehicle ) tried to climb the ramps. It’s falling up side down in a awkward manner frequently.  To solve this problem Anvay come up with good solution 🎉 – From that solution we reduced speed of the vehicle and increased turning speed to cross this ramp stage easily. 

Feed the Fish Challenge

Our fish tank is made with Acrylic and we chose blue color to looks link water. Our artist anvay did a great job, you can see the tank pictures below how cool it is 🤗. In front portion he stick our logo and in all sides of tank, he pasted all animals those live in water. He Painted water bubbles using paint to looks like animals are breathing.  (I aint that good of a friend with Anway but I gotta say it looks Gooddd).

Catapult Mechanism for Feed the Fish Challenge :

Tiny wonders Team  Member – Anvay worked on Catapult design and making of catapult mechanism for Feed the fish Challenge. By using this mechanism we are getting good results and now we are working on making this catapult  Automatic using servo. We will update the working video soon. 

Akshat and me ( Kunal ) mounted this catapult mechanism on smabey ( Robot Vehicle ) to throw the ball into the fish tank one after another. But for some reason it’s accuracy of throwing the balls into fish tank is too low, that too we can’t throw more balls in a less time. We decided to design and 3D print the mechanism which can be quickly loaded and can hold 5 balls at a time.

Hurray !!! We decided to attach all the ball holders in one row to make sure that all ball moves in perfect sync with each other. But of course this is real life and that was wishful thinking.. We don’t know much about design, mechanisms and 3D printing –  Rahul sir helped us in all these. Now we know more things and know nothing works @ first time. ( feels like we did half engineering 📚 due to  participation in Pi Wars 🤖 2021 ) 

This is the Printer ( Creality Ender) we used to print our all mechanisms required for this Competition. 

Finally mounted catapult mechanism on our vehicle ( smabey ). We tested also it’s giving good results to throwing most of the balls into fish tank. But while testing, Whenever vehicle stats to move forward nerf balls in the mechanism are falling down due to little bit vibrations. So we added foam under this catapult mechanism to reduce vibration. It’s Works brilliantly.

For stop and load balls in catapult we designed and 3D printed small mechanism ( connected with servo ) below you can see, after vehicle reaches throwing point by remotely we turned the servo to release arm. But when we were using this one it’s not having much power to stop that arm for that Chirag added few rubber bands to stopper. Oh my god!!! it stopped the releasing arm beautifully. We released, that’s it – Hurray !!! 5 balls in Fish Tank 🤩

When I (Kunal) trying to shoot the balls, first time not a single one went to fish tank.  As i was controlling our final robot first time and exactly don’t know when to shoot. After training for few years 😂 (ten minutes), a crazy F1 rider came out from me. Second time itself i’m successfully shooting all 5 balls into the fish tank. watch it…

Tidy Up the Toys

When we started, our team have no idea to which mechanism should use to pick and place the cubes in the targeted place. For the trial version we just added two foam pieces in front of the vehicle to hold it. But it didn’t work 🙄. Main problem in this idea is when the vehicle goes backward cube is staying at the same position and It’s not coming with Vehicle. Mr. Akshat – The great great genius big brain 🧠 come up with idea 💡 that too stacking all the cubes. we shocked 😲 , from our thoughts it looks like impossible. First thing we didn’t know how to do that? with help of Rahul sir – Akshat idea became real . Yeyy  !! we did it and looking for some big gains in point telly

Our good friend and teammate Kunal, was the best at controlling the machine all though it took 5-6 tries before we got it right.We completed printing of new tidy up the toys – cubes stacking mechanism and mounted on smabey ( robotic vehicle ). You can see in pic,  we inserted one pencil in this mechanism to guiding the mechanism without pencil the whole thing falls towards weight side ( cubes carrying side ). Here we used two mg995 servos – one for grab the cubes and another for lift the cubes. We used wood for flops ( grabbing part ) to reduce weight and glued small foam strips on it to hold the cubes ( to increase friction ).

While testing we faced some crazy incidents ( Bloopers ), most sad part in this our vehicle wheel is came out 😔 while picking the block. In one time we almost finished stacking of all the 3 cubes in targeted place, when the vehicle move forward all fell down😅.  But from these,  we improved our smabey vehicle like a wrestle to stand on all the stages.

Up the Garden Path

When we preparing for Pi Wars, that time only we started learning of Raspberry Pi. Before our team have a good prior experience of Arduino Uno. From that knowledge we build an tiny robot which can cross the Up the Garden Path easily. In this tiny robot, we used 2 IR sensors to detect the black line and whenever vehicle goes away from black line another side IR sensor detect the line move the vehicle in opposite direction. To get a better results we mounted IR sensors very near to the ground.

Below one is up the garden path track as per dimensions given by pi wars team Up the Garden Path – Pi Wars. we used sun board as a platform to create our all tracks because it’s easily available and flexible. Cutting into pieces to make our artistic things also easy for this competition. To stand the boundaries we attached triangular pieces in the backside of those.

We used remote control to complete the up the garden path. But due to the curves our vehicle is not able to turn properly. For that we increased turning speed and reduced total speed of the vehicle a little bit. and then we tried with three wheels also by replacing front two wheels with caster wheel but that time our vehicle completely became mad 💢, It’s turning more than what we required. So there is no chances for us, again back to four wheels.

Pro Artists on Full Active Mode

In our team Anvaay and Akshat are very good at making the things beautiful. They colored Smabey robot, fish tank, catapult mechanism and tidy up the toys – grabber mechanism. Anvaay and Akshat making no only the smabey but our journey in piwars also colorful. ythnaks you guys for your  colors, brushes and all🌈

Here i am ( Kunal ) hard working cool captain, nope actually that time I completed my coding for tidy up the toys and playing Minecraft game ( My team members don’t know this ).  Last few days we worked a lot to finish all the tasks, you can look at the table how messy it is. Actually i have to clean it but i am bit lazy that’s why i postponed cleaning task to after Pi Wars competition.

Components we used in this competition

RaspBerry Pi 4(2GB Ram)

N20 Tiny Motor

Motor Driver

Yellow Wheels

Balloon Wheels

PS 4 Controller

Servo Motor (SG 90)

Big Servo Motor (MG995)


ON/OFF Switch

Jumper Wires

Caster Wheel



Vehicle Frame


Though may be it’s our first international competition, we learned a lot. But due to the lockdown in India for last 2 months we got only 10 days to work with our team & tracks. During the lockdown we did whatever coding and design things required for challenges (Online meetings and only coding snd designing were  boring 🙇‍♀️  ). for piwars 2021 we met only during last two wk-ends but it was fun-fun and fun. 

We enjoyed while  preparing for this competition  and had lots of fun.  More Funny and craziest things had happened while recording challenges when nothing worked, vehicle toppled, tyres came out, batteries were discharged and when all was well we forgot to click the record button 

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And Finally Time to Celebrate🏆🥇👯‍♀️