Team Yo Labs

We are a bunch of Middle-School teens from Bengaluru,India,  doing what we love the most : Learning, Building, Tinkering , and most important  having a lot fun in the process.

And the PiWars2022 Journey Begins

We received the notification about piwars 2022 and we were super excited

We went on to the website and looked at the theme of for piwars2022 …Old McDoofus Had a Farm  …and our excitement level reached its peak.

We looked in to the challenges and although there was excitement we were a little intimidated too.. 

Doing the Preparation

OMG ….So many Rules!!!!!

After going through the rules we planned start working on the basic perquisite and structures required to complete each  of the challenges

We started by baking the apple tree for the Nature’s Bounty challenge. We used cardboard for the tree and for the apples we used Table Tennis Ball 

These sheep cuboids were taking too much time to cut using blades… so we made our lives easy by making them on LightBurn software and letting the laser cutter do the work for us … Technology to the rescue 😛

Hhhhmm .. Lets Think

After having our Soaked almonds in the morning,  we did something that we rarely do … “Think” lol 😛

The problems was too interesting for a single solution.

We thought about different approach to solve each problems …and bruh..there were so many approaches

And the discussion continues….

We had so many ideas.. Some simple, some complex and some were straight out of sci-fi movies

From robotic hand to vaccum pump,we tried all.

Each solution had its own complexity and merits.

Some were difficult and unreliable …and went straight to trash 

And Finally there consensus

Finally… after too many back and forth a consensus was reached

The solution for each challenge was selected based on simplicity and reliability ..

Now the most important part of the process was about to begin… The Building 

Let’s Build it !!!!

Ok … Enough of working our brains  … let’s work our hands ….

Materials… check 

Tools… check 

Electronics ….Check 

RaspberryPi ….Check 

Lets start tinkering 

Ok now serious work

Something is working…. properly?

and Fire-Fly is Born

Hungry Cattle

Failed Designs
  • We had so many design changes for the Hungry Cattle .. 
  • Initially we designed the rotary feeder but it was too slow
  • Than we designed servo + Ball mechanism. we were so proud of our ionic design but our string kept slipping over pulley and we were forced to redesign
  • Finally we did the simple but really trouble free design. A servo, a circular disc and firefly was ready to poop the rice.
How We Control the Servo
Time To AutoFeed the Hungry Cattle

Shepherd’s Pi

Our Shepherd when things wont go as planned

Its not working Again

But time is not static when it works the Shepherd tells us how she has planned to put her sheep back to barn