Hey guys, this is Anirudd here and we just faced a HUGE problem.

Lockdown in our region got over on 21st June. So, we basically had only 3 days to physically work together and we still had all 5 videos left!

We were panicking and we tried to do everything we could do. Most of our plans were cut short due to time constraints. We ended up remote-controlling and stacking the cubes for Tidy up The Toys and we had to make Feed The Fish remote-controlled. However, our plans for Up The Garden Path and DIY Obstacle Course were implemented and we managed to do those two properly. And for Technical and Artistic Merit, we just gathered whatever we could, and made a darn good-looking video with an amazing intro!


And with that, we come to an end of this webpage, the end of our blog and to the end of PiWars. Even though two of our challenges didn’t come out properly, the whole experience was still pretty cool. These past 6 months have been amazing and it has really helped us learn more about not only Raspberry Pi, but a lot about robotics too. It was also really fun and we did get a lot of good memories at the end of the day. I do hope that we’ll be able to come to next year’s PiWars physically and not virtually. So, see you guys next year! Goodbye!