Hey guys, this is Anirudd here again, and this is the story of the DIY Obstacle Course!


So, our team mate Raghav made a simulation of the course and it looks regal! Below is a video of it.

And we made each and every thing in the simulation – the bumpy road, the obstacle pathways, the boom barrier, the pebble pit, and the rotating platform. However, we didn’t do the conveyor belt and the water area, because the conveyor was really time consuming and we don’t have much time left and we couldn’t do the water area as it was too risky for the robot. However, we did add a missing terrain obstacle, where there was a missing piece of path and the robot had to push it in, go back and then ride on top of the path.


For this challenge, we remote controlled our robot using a PS4 controller as this was really hard!!

And below are hilarious bloopers of the bot trying to pass the obstacles and of our irritating MOTOR DRIVER WHICH KEPT GETTING LOOSE CONNECTIONS!