GWBB - Girls Who Build Bots

Hi Guys,  hope all are doing well for the competition during this tough time also. Last week  We designed and cut the Vehicle frame for our bot. Now, we are testing Electronic components (sensors, Raspberry pi, camera,  etc.,)  

We designed this frame in Fusion 360 with help of our Technical Tutor – Rahul Sharma. Actually this is our first design, so it took us days to learn and design this. Now we are good with Fusion 360 to design our parts required for this competition – Pi Wars 2021. 

For Tidy Up the Toys challenge, we designed and 3d printed this part for holding the Cubes to move to target position.

This below part we 3D printed for mount the motors to vehicle frame easily. This thing helps alot whenever we are trying to mount new motors in a less time.

Testing of electronic components  almost completed. This week we are going to mount all the parts and components to Vehicle frame to trail run.

Components We are Using

Raspberry pi ( 2GB RAM )

First time we are using Raspberry pi. Prev. we did small projects using arduino uno board. To use Raspberry we started learning python and how to access Raspbery pi wirelessly also.

This one is Raspberry pi – 4 with 2GB RAM. Last week, We learned connecting GPIO pins to electronic components.

DC Motors ( 200 RPM )

We started with dc motors of 300 rpm for complete tasks in a less time. But we faced problems in Up the garden path challenge while tracking the black tape due to speed sometimes ir sensors are not detecting. 

So, due to that we moved to DC motors with 200 rpm. Now we are testing with these motors. Results are better than pre. motors what we used.

IR Sensor

For Up the Garden path, to detect the track we are using 2 IR sensors. when we started using IR sensor, initially it’s not detected the Bright & Dark. we also don’t know how to fix that error, Rahul sir helped to calibrate the IR sensor to detect the Bright & Dark properly.

So, now we are going to mount this IR sensors to Our vehicle to Test track.


Mostly for all tasks we are gonna mount Yellow wheels. For specially DIY obstacle course challenge we planned to monster track wheels because in that challenge we put sand, stones etc., so to cross this path monster truck wheels are the best option for our robot.

We GWBB team completed assembling of our robot for testing. so, this week we are going to write a code ( Python ) for run our Robot.