Q1 What you mean by  “No Question Asked Fee Return Policy” 

 It is simple. If you do not like any of our class, you will not be charged

Q2 What is the Fee-Structure?

 – For Online Coding Classes – Rs 410/- Class or Rs 3200/- per month

 – For WonderBox (Coding + Robotics) – Rs 720/-   or Rs 5600/- month

   Due to COVID – Yo – clubs service is not offered.

Q3 How much  a program cost me?

Our learning is continuous, 80% students attend for 6-12 months

Q3 Do you have age limits for your programs?


But, we recommend most suitable classes & study track after self assessment and one on one counselling sessions. 

Q1. What is the Library of Things (LOT)?

LOT is a collection of parts and tools, that are accessible to members to build their own solutions. It is very similar to the concept of traditional libraries.

Q2. How do I access the Library of Things (LOT)?

All our students can access most of the stuffs on the LOT for free.

Q3. Can I carry LOT material back home?

Yes most of the materials. 

Q4. Can I get a list of the resources at LOT?

Its is really huge and includes everything required to build commercial robots. Its our(“Yo-labs”) promise to provide,  whatever is required for your dream project.

Q1 – I am interested in coding only, not in robotics. Can i enroll my-self?

Yes. we offer coding classes from beginner to pro level. Please set-up a free -informal counselling session with us to guide you further.

 For more details, visit –   https://yolabs.in – Online Class Section or write to us  –  support@yolabs.in or request a callback 

Q2. Who will teach/guide students?

All programs are conducted with certified  and trained teachers(mostlyIIT&IIIT Students). Any teacher (average rating < 4) is asked to stop their services. Still to maintain our unmatched teaching standards we only charge you for a class if you like it, otherwise its free for you. 

Q3. Are these classes on weekdays or weekends?

As we have students across the world, classes are 24×7. .

Q4. What is the duration of a class?

Most of the classes are one-hour each.  But sometimes during Robots building we may have 2 hr class based on nature of task.  

Q5. How many classes a student is expected to attend in  a month ?

Eight  Classes.  Two classes, every week

Q6. Are there any make-up classes?

Yes, One Class a Month.

We offer one planned make-up class every month. If a student misses more than one class, he/she needs to wait until another batch has a similar class. He need not pay again for this class

Q7. Do you offer Free/Demo classes?

Yes. Our each and every class is free as long as you didn’t  like it. This makes every class a demo class. 

Q8. If I end up taking a wrong course/program, then what do I do?

Just ask your money back and quit or switch .  No questions asked policy 🙂

Q9. What will be the class strength?

Minimum one student and maximum three students. 

Q10. Where will the classes happen?

Due to COVID-19 all classes are offered online only. During normalcy if you are enrolled to “club-Robotics” program, you need to attend @ your nearby centre.