Hey guys, this is Anirudd here. And I’m going to give you an update of our journey with Tidy Up The Toys.

For Tidy Up The Toys, we plan to make it autonomous and stack the blocks one upon the other using this amazing grabbing mechanism we designed!

In our mechanism, two servo will be attached to the mechanism, one makes the grabber go up and down and the other grabs the blocks. Since the servos will need more power than a pi can give and also to not damage our pi (we take very good care of our raspberry pi! They are precious to us!), we will be using a servo relay. So, Tidy Up The Toys comes with a lot of additional parts which need to be added to the bot – a grabbing mechanism, a servo relay and a battery pack for the servo relay.


To detect the blocks, we are going to use a camera for color detection which we will be attaching under the robot.

Plus, the grabber does look really good on our bot! 

We printed our cubes using a 3D printer and then painted them. So, everything is a go! Now, we just have to write the code, combine everything, do a lot of experimenting, and Tidy Up The Toys will become a success!