Pi-Wars 2020

Team Yolabs


Captain CODO


Serious Genius 


Never Serious Builder


What could be a better way to get best out of your young team and bots than having your own version of pi noon- Balloon War?  We added a bit more fun by allowing our teams to design and build their own offense  and defence.  Listen to our young inventors why they think thier  bot is best and deserves to win.   

A Quick Glance – How Hazard is growing hazardous every day. 

Hazard - Autonomous

Lava - Palava
11 Sec - need to test with Hump 80%
Eco Disaster
Autonomous ?????? 30%
Escape Route
Camera and Control Based 70%
Mine Sweeper
mine search need better code 80%

Hazard - Remote Control

Waiting to pop 80%
The Zombie Apocalypse
working on accuracy 60%
The Temple of Doom
Super Big tyres and Best shock absorbers 70%

Status - Soft Points

As per Plan 60%
Technical Merit
Missing a responsive control 40%
Artistic Merit
Cool Neopixel & much more 60%
Most Disastrous - Theme
No Idea 20%